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925 Sterling Silver Heart w/ Semicolon Ring

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Our semicolon “My story isn't over yet” ring is the perfect accessory to help you get out of bed happily and start your day on an amazing note. The inspiring message will always be a glance away when you’re going through those turbulent times and need the extra strength to push forward and continue your story.

It’s crafted to be your ally for the long haul - made with 925 sterling silver and completely tarnish & allergy-free.


Join The Fight - Defeat The Stigma

Having mental health issues can feel like walking a razor's edge between being content and being depressed; all it takes is one tiny misstep to lose your balance and fall into a negative spiral...

Unfortunately, those dark times are inevitable… But you don’t have to fight alone anymore.

Our main mission at ContinueYourStory is to provide you with the positivity-filled-tools required to crush negative emotions like depression & anxiety while coming out victorious. 

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Ring Specifications

● Certified 925 Sterling Silver - Crafted with durable and rust-free material allowing it to accompany you through your daily journey without any green fingers or the typical erosion most rings experience.

● Industrial Engraving - Engraved with industrial machines providing long term proven durability for each letter.

● CYS Branded Velvet Bags - Giftable packaging makes this the perfect gift for any family or friend who’s going through a tough time and could use a push to beat their personal struggles and feel appreciated by you!


Our Donation Partnership

Project Semicolon

Project Semicolon is a non-profit for suicide awareness which focuses on spreading inspiration and hope for those suffering from mental illness.

Mental Health America

MHA is the nation's leading community-based nonprofit dedicated to addressing the needs of those living with mental illness and to promoting awareness.

Our Promise To You

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