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About Us

Our Mission

Millions of lives are impacted daily by mental health conditions. As a way to show support for these people, CYS aims to spread awareness and provide a light at the end of the tunnel for those who are in desperate need.

Spreading awareness about the struggles many faces helps others understand the complexity of mental illness. We are a small group with a huge mission to grow and spread worldwide. With that said, through our small beautiful gifts, we aim to grow into a massive organization that raises awareness and spreads peace and love throughout.

About Our Donation System

We're thankful for everyone who has contributed to spreading awareness, and we would like to inform you that we donate 25% of profits from our promotional items. For our non-promotional items we donate 5-10% of the total costs. 5% if the item is already on sale, and 10% if the item is not on sale. Donations go towards our integrated mental health organizations. You can choose to locate your donations towards one organization, or split it among multiple. If you'd like to request any proof of donations or documentations we can gladly provide the needed information via e-mail. Please send our support team a message to the following e-mail:

Donations currently go to Mental Health America or Project Semicolon. (We eventually plan to diversify donations between many other non-profits since we have access to 100's of non-profit organizations through our automatic donation system powered by

At the bottom of our product pages, you will find our built-in widget showing you how much has been donated. Once again we thank you for your contribution, god bless.